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This is a ThermoWoodŽ logo type used by the International ThermoWood Association

The logo is also used as a quality control stamp

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ThermoWoodŽ is a registered trademark owned by International ThermoWood Association

The ThermoWoodŽ trademark is a sign of wood products manufactured via a method developed in Finland. Only the members of the International ThermoWood Association have legal right to use the word ThermoWood with thermally modified timber.

Thanks to their improved durability against decay, the products are well suited to applications involving demanding weather conditions. The beautiful, finewood-style look and dimensional stability make the products suitable for interior decoration. ThermoWood Concept ensures the technical and ecological quality of the genuine ThermoWood products.

The International ThermoWood Association was founded in 2000. The aim of the association is to generally promote the usage of ThermoWoodŽ products. Only members of the International ThermoWood Association are allowed to use the ThermoWoodŽ trademark. They co-operate in standardisation, quality control, and research, in order to enhance the use of the products.


Unfortunately the unlawful use of word ThermoWood occurs in marketing of thermally modified timber. Only the following companies have legal right to use the ThermoWood trademark:

Arin Orman Ürünleri Ekosampo Oy Heinolan Ruskopuu Oy
HJT-Holz Oy Heatwood AB Koshii & Co. Ltd
LDCWood Mazand Choob Aria (MCA) NasWood
Novawood  Oy Lunawood Ltd Oy SWM-Wood Ltd
Palser Stora Enso Wood products Suomen Lämpöpuu Oy
Jartek Invest Oy Luxhammar Oy

The technical data published by the International ThermoWood Association is not valid for all thermally modified timber that is available on the market. The data is valid only for genuine ThermoWood products that are produced under the independent quality control system audited by accredited notified body. Valid ThermoWood FC certificates are listed on auditor's website. ThermoWood product classification (classes Thermo-S and Thermo-D) is also copied by some nonmember companies. The authenticity of the product should always be confirmed.

The strength of the registered ThermoWood trademark is proven by the decision of the Office for Harmonization in The Internal Market (OHIM). In addition to EU, the ThermoWood trademark is registered also in Switzerland, Turkey, Japan, China, the USA, Canada, Russia and Iran.

Cooperative partners of the International ThermoWood Association:

Hemel         Kärävä Oy         Osmo Color